AGK's history

AGK Nordic was officially founded in 2003 in Viborg. The company has since grown year after year, and today the company employs 10 men who sit at AGK’s head office in Fårup near Randers. In addition, the company has an office in Shenzhen, China, which also employs 10 men.

AGK currently works with customers throughout Europe, but our largest business area is the Danish retail companies. Through our large network of professional BSCI suppliers, with whom we have collaborated for many years, our mission is to be the retail chains’ primary choice when choosing a supplier.

Our vision

As a supplier to many of Denmark’s leading retail chains, the most important thing for us is to be able to deliver goods that live up to the customer’s requirements and at the same time comply with all legal requirements and labels that are required. Therefore, our many years of experience in sourcing goods is one of our primary assets in connection with consulting and development of new product concepts with our customers.

To ensure the highest quality in production and finished product, we use independent QC’s, who test and inspect all shipments both during and after production.

We offer

Private Label

At AGK Nordic, we have extensive experience in developing and delivering Private label solutions for our customers. Our in-house graphic department’s creative and analytical approach to the task means that we, in collaboration with customers, develop Private label concepts that suit the customer’s individual needs or that add significant added value to the customer’s current Private label concept.

Interested in knowing more about our Private Label solutions?
Contact us for a personal meeting with one of our sales people in the current product area.